Learning is a key to success and failure is the start of learning process. In many a cases a person who never failed in his life has infact never tried anything in his life.

NISCP community is all about learning and helping others to learn some thing new in his/her art of photography. Many eminent photographers from around the globe has come together for helping us so that we can go ahead with the initiative in “Learning”.

Hope we all can come together and encourage many more new photo artists to be a part of such a beautiful art which we call photography.

NISCP community is designing different modules in photography, which any one can register and start a beautiful journey of learning with a Guru.

Whenever any one completes a module, the artist will be awarded with the certificate of completion and a free workshop* from NISCP community.

Also it will bring alive the “Guru-Shishya Parampara”

Completion Certificate

Course Completion Certificate