Events bring members close to share, help, learn and enjoy a good time of being together and enhances bonding among them.

To encourage photography and to create a strong bond within the community members, NISCP organizes different events within the community and also outside the community.

NISCP event team gives a huge effort so that we can arrange an event for the large number of audience so that the maximum persons get benefited.

Some of the events are :-

1. Exhibitions

2. Webinars

3. Photo-Walk

4. Indoor Shoots

5. Annual meet with the members.

We always believe that organizing such events gives us a space to express ourselves and also enhance our knowledge.


Exhibitions are a great way to meet senior and amateur photographers and it is great platform to learn new things and techniques by analyzing their images and also sharing knowledge amongst fellow photographer friends.


Webinar is a great way to learn from senior photographers and discussions in webinar can help to clear many a doubts/questions.
NISCP group will always try to organize at least one webinar a month with an eminent photographer.


NISCP community organizes photo-walk, and in future we are going to collaborate with different clubs/organization/community so that we can arrange more interactive photo-walk.

Photo Shoots

NISCP organizes a quarterly photo shoot with the master of lights and a small learning session with the mentor is conducted so that in the future the participants can arrange the same by their own initiative.