“You earned it”

With the word honor any one can feel “High Respect; Great Esteem”

NISCP community respects the work, effort, dedication and time along with the knowledge in the field of photography.

To respect such legends and to honor all their immense support in the world of photography, our community, with a gratitude has tried with a small effort of giving them honor and respect which they have earned by not only creating a master piece but also by nurturing many new artists, just to keep the art like photography alive.

“Photography is a love affair with life.”

– Burk Uzzle

Honor of Achievement

NISCP community has divided the annual honor in 4 different categories and for significant achievement in the field of photography.

Achievements are selected by an admin panel of NISCP community.

Honors are :

Honorable Mentor (NISCP/HMP)

  • The following honor will be given to an eminent mentor for sharing his/her knowledge to a new generation of photographers and helping them to enhance their skills so that they can create a masterpiece in future.
  • Number of Honor in this category is : 1

Honorable Achiever (NISCP/HPA)

  • Honorable achiever is the one who has dedicated his time to create and prove his skill in different genrē of photography and showcase his/her art at the different level of competitions across the globe.
  • Number of Honor in this category is : 1

Honorable Community Member (NISCP/HCM)

  • As we all know that without a team and without their immense support, no community can stand and to appreciate the effort, time and dedication of our community member without whom we wont achieve what we have achieved. To honor our member and show our gratitude, we have created an honor for NISCP community member.
  • Number of Honor in this category is : 1

Honorable NISCP Participant (NISCP/HSCP)

  • Its because of the NISCP members and their participations, we are able to create a family. To honor their support and their participations in different exhibitions in national and international levels, its our small way of saying thanks to our family members.
  • Number of Honors in this category is : 5

Special Achievement Award

A special award given for remarkable achievement and successes during their life in the field of photography.

Special achievement awardees are selected by a board of advisers and yearly awards are nominated and voted on by the members of the NISCP community.